Teaching Side by Side

Teaching Side by Side caters to schools, teachers, and parents. Hence, requiring a user interface and experience that was suitable for these types of users. Furthermore, a possibility was that users may search for a school or a teacher not currently in the system. The client required an application that addressed these challenges adequately.

  • Enable students and parents to offer real-time feedback and grade their teachers
  • Easy & Intuitive onboarding process
  • Simple 10-question assessment
  • Create, edit, manage and view comments
  • Calculate overall grades for teachers and monitor performance metrics


Creative Execution

Design & Development


The Challenge

Teaching Side by Side empowers students to use their voices to positively influence their academic experience.  Students and parents are an integral part of the education system, yet their voices are often unheard. The client wanted a solution that enables students and parents to grade their teachers every quarter during the school year and offer real-time feedback.



App Design Company partnered with Teaching Side by Side to create a portal and an effective application with a strategic user interface. The user experience developed was exceptional for a variety of users including both students and parents. It enabled users to search and add schools and teachers that were previously unavailable in the system. Any teacher from any school could be graded at any time – opening doors for parents and students to express their feedback.