MessageCube is a feature-packed, free SMS / MMS messenger with an in-built web search and share function! It’s the fun, smart way to text your friends and family!


Whether you’re having a one-on- one conversation with a friend or you want to get the whole group in on the chat, MessageCube makes it easy. You can send unlimited, free text plus multimedia messages to anybody!

Attach and share videos, pictures and other files to a message in the tap of a button.

Or, for when words just simply won’t cut it, search for the perfect GIF and share it in seconds. You know what they say… A GIF speaks a thousand words.


We’ve taken the old, boring text messaging app and jacked it up. With an in-built search and share function, you’ll never see texting the same way again!

While writing messages, you can search and share a variety of things on the web, including:

  • Video search on YouTube
  • Shopping search on Amazon
  • Social media search on Twitter
  • Restaurants, activities, events, bars and more on Yelp!
  • Web pages on Bing

Without ever leaving MessageCube, you can take your responses to the next level by seamlessly searching for content on the web and sharing it with the push of a button. Whether you’re sharing the latest news articles, funny cat videos (who doesn’t love those) or scores from the big game, MessageCube lets you do it quicker.


UI/UX update

The Problem

A new look was required for MessageCube to make it more attractive for the users and the user interface and experience was to be updated. It was imperative to ensure that all client requirements were met and the user journey was designed strategically.


The entire app designs were produced by the design team along with a new logo, search icons and Play Store graphics.  The designs used an entirely new and trendy color palette across the app. A better search design was developed and presented to the client. The onboarding screens were improved by using visuals that gave a thorough tutorial of the app to any new user.