Fabloox is the first mobile application that brings together beauty influencers and beauty brands to provide shoppers with an easy and exciting experience. The app has videos of top beauty influencers against each product and brand for reviews and tutorials.


Creative Execution

Design & Development



The application’s model is based solely on the affiliate programs of brands. However, it was a challenging project as the affiliates being used were not consistent in terms of the features and functionalities they were providing. For instance, the display format for products was different through one affiliate as compared to the other. Such obstacles required an extensive R&D cycle and immense efforts from the team to meet client expectations and produce a brilliant product. There was a lot of uncertainty involved as app features and functionality were heavily dependent on the affiliate engines being used.



The team’s expertise and hard work produced an outstanding application. Fabloox app integrated multiple affiliate engines and YouTube influencer videos. Moreover, it also has numerous brands and categories on the app. Any user can search for brand-specific or category-specific products and also view influencer videos related to any product. The app also has a section for the promotions being offered on various brands and products.

This app is one of its kind and developing it was a great learning experience for the team. Managing the affiliates according to our requirements was complex, however with the team’s efforts and expertise, we were able to exceed client expectations.