About ADC Dallas

App Design Company in Dallas was founded to provide complete software and mobile app development services to those looking to take on real-world challenges. Our team pioneered the early days of app development for both iOS and Android platforms. Since 2011, we’ve continuously taken on new projects and have opened up offices nationwide to better serve our vast, diverse, and international client base.

The team at ADC sets us apart from the rest. As passionate technologists, we are eager to contribute our creative thinking and expertise to design and develop absolutely compelling products. We are experts in unraveling the complex interconnected-web of product management and we prosper in a highly-motivated and productive environment. With over seven years of satisfied customers and completed projects, our team is eager to continue supporting more great ideas. Additionally, we’ve ensured that the ADC design and development process is constantly evolving to address any new emerging technologies, shifts in client demands, and rapidly-changing user preferences.

ADC does not simply make products or offer services, we create partnerships with passionate individuals to solve global development needs. Our team establishes long-term client relationships by consistently formulating world-class solutions based on the precise strategic and financial requirements of each project.

What we do

Mobile Development

App Design Company illuminates the path towards mastering the app space. When it comes to software development, ADC retains the most talented development team to give you the absolute best in mobile web development, mobile application development, and mobile game development.

iPhone Software Development

From the very beginning, ADC has been at the forefront of iPhone development. We offer a wide range of services including iPhone application development, iPhone game development, and iPhone web development.
As specialists in iPhone app development, we make it a priority to consistently produce cutting-edge and versatile applications for our clients. We stay in tune with innovations happening in the world of app development, both locally and globally, and have prepared ourselves to create the most updated products. Our integrity is unmatched, and our ingenuity has enabled us to design, develop, and deploy back-to-back world-class applications.

An effective iPhone app can have a dramatic effect on large and small businesses alike. A company can leverage an applications outcome, with increased efficiency and innovation a business can cut costs, attract more customers, and drastically ease operational procedures. ADC’s team of experts is here to determine how to connect your proposal and ideas, with an elegantly designed product. We effectively coordinate with our clients throughout the entire scope of the project, from the very beginning stages during drafting initial documentation, through the complete submission, and even beyond that. The way we conceptualize the art of mobile development exclusively involves extensive product research and analysis of the scope of the project, and how it can best serve its purpose.

Our highly adept and skilled developers, design utilizing:

  • Profound iPhone SDK comprehension
  • Professional usage of the iOS inner architecture
  • Broadly experienced in various use-cases
  • Expertise UI/UX
  • Custom visual design in 2D and 3D graphics
  • Expert use of unique iOS features: the multi-touch interface, accelerometer, and proximity sensor.
  • Our iPhone application categories are:
    • Business/Health
    • Education
    • News and media
    • Search Tools & Optimization
    • Social Networking
    • Utilities
    • Online Shopping
    • Traveling

When it comes to any issue related to iPhone application development, your search ends right here with the masters in iPhone Application Development at App Design Company.

API Development

We create functional APIs for iOS, Android and Windows to address your development needs and to solve complicated business challenges. APIs are huge channels for business success as they allow companies to connect with thousands of customers.

Our team understands that effective API development requires a consistent set of routine protocols and tools that make it easier to program the specified building blocks needed to leverage key business data and information. APIs enable the creation of astounding applications, they can use an agency’s data to generate remarkable online experiences.

ADC specializes in devising corporate APIs that can access and facilitate an entire database of information to manage certain data such as products or locations. You can spread the word of products or services to a particular target audience, and enhance the functionality of integrations with data from other applications.

APIs are constantly utilized by industry leaders such as; Twitter, Google, Amazon, and eBay and are a vital component for thousands of applications:

  • APIs are channels for generating new customers and business relationships: APIs unlock the power of partnerships and collaboration.
  • Paves the path towards innovation: APIs provide problem solvers with the tools they need to resolve their problems internally.
  • APIs power apps. Combinations of APIs to create all-new user experiences.
  • Create apps that can accommodate an extensive customer base.

Operating environments typically require an API so developers can draft designs that are consistent with that particular environment. APIs are initially designed to be used by programmers, but ultimately, they are excellent for the end users. APIs guarantee commonality in programming to maintain similar interfaces and databases, making it easier for users to use new programs.

App Design Company is committed to exceeding our clients’ API development needs from the strategically complex level, through the entire product design, development, and launch.

Android Software Development

Our Android app developers are vastly experienced and began ever since the platform was announced in late 2007. Ever since, we’ve consistently produced some of the coolest Android applications.

App Design Company in Dallas is proud to offer a variety of services in developing mobile device applications for the Android platform. Android’s framework was developed by Google and the Open Handset Alliance to act as both a platform and an operating system for mobile devices and to provide a new world of opportunities.

Android developers are provided with support from Java which allows them to build third-party Javascript applications to run on the Android platform. This enables our specialists to utilize their skills and expertise to the maximum effort to design, create, and employ applications all in one smooth process.

Android creates a sizeable array of possibilities when it comes to mobile application development because the platform offers a wholesome multitasking environment with complete mobile device core functionality access. Apps ranging from gaming, multimedia, office-related or communications driven, our developers will ensure a quality result.

Another key feature of the Android platform is that provides a compatible and user-friendly web which allows apps to embed online content; an undeniably vital feature in the modern era of development. Additionally, our team has the capabilities to support GPS, Wi-Fi, and BlueTooth oriented applications for the Android platform. This extended functionality coupled with a wide array of media-related capabilities allows us to meet any and all project requirements.

In many aspects, the Android platform can be considered one of the most open and flexible platforms with the least amount of limitations. Android has been consistently gaining momentum since its launch and is now in a leading position as a native OS for a variety of high-end tech devices.

App Design Company in Dallas takes pride in designing and crafting elegant, feature-rich solutions for you in the following domains:

  • Business
  • Commerce
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Gaming and Entertainment
  • Navigation and Travel
  • Online Shopping
  • Utilities

User Interface Design

Our team designs gorgeous, seemingly simple yet powerful user interfaces for even the most robust applications. We excel in premier mobile application and web design.

Wearable App Development

Futuristic, minimalist, and sleek describe the look and feel of the all-new smartwatches. At App Design Company we mimicked this creative approach by focusing on slick and compatible application designs to align with these devices.

As excitement around wearable intelligent devices began to rise, the world top manufacturers; Apple, Sony, Samsung, Google and Microsoft all released a version of the smartwatch. As a key player in the mobile app industry, our development teams are experienced in building applications that truly utilize the potential of smartwatch technology. We began creating apps for these devices in the earliest days and since then, we’ve built a reliable track record that allows us to create exciting apps for these must-have gadgets.

iPad Software Development

Our team consistently crafts some of the most unique and breathtaking solutions for iPad application and game development. The added screen space and multi-touch screen capabilities of iPad opens up an entire world of user-interface opportunities.

All iPad applications are customized according to the unique needs of each user and the process of creating iPad applications is similar to that of creating applications for iPhone and iPod Touch, as there is the same development kit – iPhone SDK. We have the experience and determination to ensure that applications created by us will deliver the most genuine user experience and we understand that the approach to designing applications for a tablet device must be different from that used for iPhone or iPod Touch.

Our developers are passionate about what they do and ready to take advantage of the opportunities that iPad has to offer. No matter how ambitious or complex the project is our team is committed to creating apps that excel by combining their expertise in:

  • iOS innovative form-factor
  • Apple’s official software development kit (SDK)
  • End-user experience and exceptional iPad application design
  • Modern software development technologies

As a partner of the iPad developer program, we are able to access the latest development utilities and iPhone Operating System software updates in advance. This ensures that we can apply the most recent and updated technologies when writing iPad applications for this revolutionary tablet computer.